Does Online Bra Shopping Stress You Out?

Buying a bra online can be nerve-wracking. What if it doesn’t fit? What if the quality is not as good as you expected? Can you return it, or will you be stuck with a bra you hate? 

These are just a few questions that come to mind as we scroll through retail websites and consider what to buy next. Lingerie, in particular, can be difficult to buy online. Like any other type of online shopping, it helps to educate yourself on exactly what you want, what type of price point you’re comfortable with, and who you’re buying from before you make a purchase.


Does Online Bra Shopping Stress You Out?

Or, you may be nervous about buying online because you have body-driven confidence issues. It might help to know that everyone has some hang-ups about their body. Your body is just fine, no matter the size or shape.

When you feel comfortable with the skin you’re in and are ready to buy lingerie that fits you accordingly, bra shopping—online or otherwise—will seem like less of a chore. Let’s talk about some of the biggest challenges with shopping online and how we can make the whole experience more bearable.

Can I return the bras if they don’t fit?

Every company has a return policy. Make sure you know how a company handles returns before you place an order. Some companies make you pay to have your item shipped back. Read the fine print on the return policy, so you’re not caught off guard by a $15 charge to return an item. 

You may incur fees, so again, be aware of that upfront. And some companies only allow a limited amount of time for returns; don’t wait too long to send an item back. At Ouigirl, we offer a full refund for returns and exchanges within 40 days 

How accurate are sizing guides?

Each company has their own sizing guide, so there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to a bra. Just like the return policy, take a careful look at the sizing guide for the company you’re buying from. 

You may be a 38D in your current bra from Company A, but if you’re browsing Company B’s website and tossing a few things in your cart, you may need a different size in their product. Look at their sizing chart before you hit “Complete My Order.”

And while we’re talking measurements, when was the last time you took yours?  If your body has changed considerably since then, your breast shape and size may have as well. Take some new measurements to get the best bra fit for where your body is now.

If you wear a bra while doing your measurements, be sure it’s wire-free. You should measure yourself every so often, or if your weight changes by more than 10 or 15 pounds. For more information, visit our Glamorise’s Bra Size Calculator - it’s our favorite. 

It’s always good to keep your measurements on hand. Put those numbers in a safe place, and continue shopping!

What if the quality isn’t what I expected?

Unfortunately, sometimes you get a surprise when you order an item online, and it’s not always a good one. The pictures and item description will lead you to believe you’re buying a high-quality item, but the item you receive is quite the opposite. Read the full product description, including the fabric used and care instructions, before you click “Add to Cart.” 

Another buying tip—it’s best to buy from a retailer with an established reputation. If it’s a startup or company you’ve never heard of, read the customer reviews. It’s a big red flag if there are no customer reviews, and you may not want to buy a bra from them.

What if the quality isn’t what I expected?

What if the bra fit when I first tried it on, but now it hurts when I wear it?

Every new article of clothing is uncomfortable at first, whether it’s because of rough fabric, a bothersome tag, or not having that “worn” feeling yet. A bra is no exception, and because it is directly on your skin, any discomfort is much more noticeable. 

Along with a new bra comes some common problems, namely straps that fall or dig in, or a slightly too-tight band. Just make the necessary adjustments to the parts of the bra that are causing the discomfort, so it’s snug but not painful. If the bra is the right fit, any problems should subside the more you wear it.

For troublesome straps that fall, just tighten them. If the band is too tight even if it’s clasped on the last hook, try using a bra extender. It will give you some relief by loosening the band but may also loosen the straps (especially if you have narrow shoulders). 

How accurate are sizing guides?

Unfortunately, there is no standard sizing for lingerie, so there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to a bra. Like the return policy, take a careful look at the sizing guide for the company you’re buying from. You may be a 38D in a bra from Company A, but a completely different size in Company B’s bras. Look at each retailer’s sizing chart before you hit “Complete My Order.”

Benefits of online shopping

Although it may be overwhelming, even intimidating, to shop for bras online, there are plenty of benefits. Most women know that buying a bra in a store is not the most pleasant experience. When you order online, you can try it on in the privacy and comfort of your own home. If it doesn’t fit or you don’t like how it looks or feels, put it back in the package and return it.

Benefits of online shopping

Shopping online also gives you a wider range of sizes and styles.  If you’re browsing through a store, you’re limited to what they have in stock. Even with a broad selection in the lingerie department, women who need a hard-to-find size can leave the store feeling frustrated and disappointed. They are forced to trudge from store to store until they find something suitable. 

Buying online gives you an almost endless amount of choices in fit, style, and price points, so even with the most challenging body type, you’re sure to find something that looks and feels great!

Do you buy bras online? What has been your experience?