A Better Bra Could Ease Back Pain Caused by Large Breasts?

When it comes to selecting a bra, fit is everything, especially if you are blessed with larger breasts. Of course, in general, bigger boobs can be more of a curse than a blessing. We often have to deal with boob sweat, it’s hard to find cute bras, and we’re constantly wondering if we should even bother wearing that V-Neck. The worst issue that comes with having larger breasts is the added joy of back pain. Don’t worry; if you’re struggling with back pain, finding the right bra may be just what you need.

A Better Bra Could Ease Back Pain Caused by Large Breasts?

Boob Size and Back Problems

Let’s face it, having all that extra weight on the front is bound to cause some issues. Our frames are built to hold breasts, but unfortunately, having larger breasts can take its toll on your shoulders and back. That extra weight to the front, depending on the size of your girls, and the extra lifting can cause some problems — especially from sizes D and up.

Luckily, there may be a solution to that weight distribution issue: buying a better bra. Yes, your bra can be a factor when it comes to getting rid of back pain if you have larger breasts. Whether your band is rising, your straps are too loose, or you just don’t have the right type, selecting a better bra can make all the difference. Here’s how proper fit can relieve a lot of back and shoulder stress.

Lift and Separate

Simply put, having a well-fitted bra can do wonders for your back, especially if it’s doing its job. A properly sized bra can do two things for you: give you the correct band size, and the right cup size. If you are struggling to fit in your bra or you’re experiencing a bulge problem, that’s a sign your bra doesn’t fit right. Your bra shouldn’t be so tight that you’re squeezing out or so loose that you can feel your breasts sag on your chest.

A proper fit on your cup and in the band can provide some extra support. The right cups will keep your boobs from spilling or pushing together to the “dreaded” uni-boob. Plus, a well-fitted cut will keep each breast evenly distributed on your body. Regardless if you are wearing an everyday bra or a sports bra, you won’t feel the constant pull and tug if your cups hold the girls in place. The right cup size can make a world of difference.

If the Band Fits...

Like the proper cup size, the right band size can lend additional support. It won’t help your breasts or your back pain if your bra band is squeezing you or slowly climbing up your back. When trying on or wearing a bra, make proper adjustments to your bands, both in the back and at the shoulders.

Your bra straps shouldn’t dig into your skin. On the other hand, if they are loosened all the way, they may not be giving you the proper support you need. Your bra band should fit snugly and comfortably around, not pinching or sliding up. Additionally, your straps shouldn’t be too loose or digging into your skin. A well-fitted bra will almost feel like you aren’t wearing one at all, or close to it at least. Plus, when it comes to relieving back pain, having proper fit will give you that added support and take the pressure off your shoulders and back.

Selecting the Right Bra

Size and fit are the best way to get the most out of your bra, but another factor to help battle back pain is picking the right design. There are plenty of different bras out there, push up, demi-cup, wireless, underwire; however, the bottom line is that not all bras are going to fit your body perfectly. Demi cups don’t have full coverage, t-shirt bras may stretch out, or you might have a bra that has extra padding you don’t really need.

For instance, you might want to wear a strapless bra. Keep in mind, if you plan to wear one long-term, you won’t have the added support of the shoulder straps. That’s not saying you can’t wear a strapless bra if you have bigger breasts. It just shouldn’t be your everyday go-to if you want to get rid of back pain. Plus, you need to do your homework and find one that fits and holds well. 

If you’re looking for bras that offer extra support, the design might include full cups, thicker straps, stronger material, or an underwire. Again, this comes down to personal preference; you can find a supportive bra without an underwire, but you may have to go with thicker straps or a cross-back design. It might be a good idea to invest in convertible bras that can switch to a racerback or go from strapless to strapped in seconds. The fact is some bras provide more long-term support than others.

Selecting the Right Bra

The Backbone of the Issue with Bigger Bra Sizes

Finding a supportive bra may seem like you have to sacrifice part of your wardrobe. It may seem the curse of having larger breasts is to give up wearing certain things in favor of getting rid of back pain. Yes, it can be hard to hide thick straps, wider back bands, or maybe find a bra that isn’t plain nude. Don’t worry, you can have your cake and eat it too. Luckily, there are plenty of bras that provide support, fit like a dream, and look great.

It’s all in finding the right fit and owning different styles for any dress or top. Variety is the spice of life, so finding bras with proper fit doesn’t have to be limited. It helps that more companies are expanding their lines to cater to well-endowed women. Of course, bras can get expensive, but just be aware of your body and how a bra fits. Don’t settle on an imperfect fit or try to make something work. Investing in well-fitted bras will save your back and general comfort in the long run.