Five Reasons Why a Wireless Sports Bra Works for Your Big Bust

Although there is nothing wrong with wearing a regular bra when working out, most women prefer sports bras. For women with larger busts (those DD or larger), there’s never been a better time to invest in these styles. 

Five Reasons Why a Wireless Sports Bra Works for Your Big Bust


Suppose you rely on a sturdy underwire bra to get you through the day and an underwire sports bra to get you through your workout. Things change. You can safely ditch the underwire and opt for a wire-free style when you hit the gym, track, or trail. You won’t believe the difference.

Here are just five reasons why wire-free sports bras are a great choice:

  • Wire-free bras mean there’s no underwire poking, bending, or irritating you while working out.
  • The straps, band, and cups provide enough support to wireless bras, so you’ll never miss the underwire.
  • There are countless styles available specifically for larger breasts. Some of these styles feature molded cups and compression fit to contour to the body.
  • Sports bras are meant to be worn during physical activities, so, coverage, comfort, and support are built-in. 
  • With so many looks available (not to mention features like moisture-wicking fabric that keep you cool and dry, ventilation panels, and wide straps for extra support), there are plenty of practical, stylish options in sports bras for large breasts. 

Not sure where to start? Follow these tips to find a style that gives you the great support you need and the cute look you want. 

What do I look for in a sports bra for heavy breasts?

When shopping for this type of bra, keep a few things in mind:

    • What you’ll be doing and how intense your workout will be.  High-impact workouts like kickboxing or HIIT need a style that reduces bounce and keeps everything in place while keeping you cool and dry. Something less intense like yoga or walking may require a basic style just to wick away moisture. Or, opt for one with a high neckline for medium-impact activities like biking or rollerblading. These styles provide ample coverage but won’t interfere in your activities.
    • The size of your bust. The larger the bust, the more coverage and support you’ll need. Research the various types of closures. Maybe a zip-front closure is a better option than a typical hook-and-eye style. 
    • Your body chemistry. You know your body better than anyone, so find a style that works with your body. For instance, do you sweat excessively, even during low- or moderate-intensity workouts? Do you have skin allergies that require you to avoid certain fabrics? Your focus should be on your routine, not uncomfortable, itchy skin, so look for a style in a hypoallergenic material or moisture-wicking properties.

Is a sports bra suitable for heavy breasts?

Women with heavy breasts know all too well how challenging it can be to find a sports bra that looks great. But rest assured—they have come a long way, evolving into garments working equally well as under- or outerwear. Best of all, you never have to worry about cup spillage. Sports bras provide full coverage, so your girls will be protected and secured pre-, during, and post-workout.

Is a sports bra suitable for heavy breasts?

What sizes are offered for large bust sports bras?

Ouigirl has a variety of brands and styles so there is truly something for everyone—even the most hard-to-fit body types can find a style that works for them.  Like a regular bra, the band is key to getting a perfect fit, with the right amount of comfort and support.  A sports bra is naturally more snug than a regular bra, but you don’t want to choose one too tight (or downright painful). 

What are the best sports bras for high impact activities?

In our opinion, these Glamorise bras are some of the best sports bras for large breasts which can help you get the most out of your workout:

Built to Perform Adjustable Support Sports Bra

Every woman’s body is different, and this style will meet you where you are, then help you get to your next level. With its moisture-wicking fabric, adjustable straps, and adjustable back hook-and-eye closure, this style can withstand the most intense routine.

Total Control Custom Support Sports Bra

This style will get you from a low-impact yoga session to a high-impact sport like jogging or HIIT with no trouble at all. Featuring adjustable straps and front panel, seamless interior cups, and moisture-wicking fabric, this style will go anywhere and keep up with the most intense pace.  

How should a sports bra fit?

As we already mentioned, finding the correct band size is key to getting the proper fit for a sports bra. The band should be snug but not tight. You should be able to slide one finger under the band comfortably—more than one, and it’s too loose; if you have trouble getting one finger under the band, it’s too tight. Next, check the straps and adjust as needed. Finally, be sure the cups are covering your entire breast. If there’s some spillage when you’re standing still, you’re sure to have it during a workout.

What is the best fabric for a sports bra?

What is the best fabric for a sports bra?

Always read the label before buying any article of clothing. This small tag explains the proper care instructions and the materials used to make the item.  The best, most comfortable sports bras are made from breathable materials. Microfiber is a great choice, although spandex is also popular because of its stretching properties. Cotton doesn’t work quite well in a sports bra—although it’s light and comfortable, it tends to absorb moisture rather than wick it away and be slower to dry.

We get that finding bras for large breasts, even sports bras, can be difficult, but if you have a list of “must-haves” as you shop, it can make the process much easier. Research different styles, brands, and features, so you have a better idea of what to look for when you are ready to buy. Good luck!