Can Women With Large Busts Wear a Padded Wireless Bra?

You may think that if you have large breasts that means that you shouldn’t wear a bra with padding. Is there really any truth to that? In short, no! 

Many women think that a padded bra will add unwanted bulk, and while some are meant to add to your assets, not all padded bras have that effect. What about wires? Aren’t wireless bras only suited for smaller busts? 

Again, no! It’s possible to find a wireless bra that will give you the lift and support that larger busts need. 

Can Women With Large Busts Wear a Padded Wireless Bra?

What makes a padded bra different than other types?

A padded bra has padding either sewn into the cups or the padding may be removable. If it’s removable, it’s usually contained inside of a pocket in the cup. 

Padding may be made of foam, gel, or even water in some bras. The padding is usually fuller in the bottom of the cup which pushes the breast tissue up creating lift. 

Will my bust look bigger with padding?

Yes, some padded bras are made to make breasts look bigger, but some are not. If you have a large bust and do not want to add anything extra, look for a bra that is lightly lined. This will give you a smooth look without anything extra. 

Should women with large breasts wear a padded bra?

Yes! There is no reason that women with larger breasts shouldn’t wear a padded bra. In fact, padded bras have many benefits for large or heavy breasts.

You can create different looks depending on the type of padded bra that you choose. 

Different types of padded bras include:

  • Push-up bras: This type is perfect for creating cleavage. For those with smaller breasts, push-up bras can add size and fullness. For women with larger breasts, push-up bras are great for lifting. The padding in a push-up bra is mostly at the bottom in order to push the breasts up and together. 
  • T-shirt bra: This bra is specially made for looking smooth and seamless under tight clothing. It’s often lightly lined with just enough padding to give the breast tissue a firmer, more rounded shape. It’s also known as an everyday bra because of its comfort.
  • Plunge bra: A plunge bra is perfect for low-cut tops. The cups are cut diagonally across the breasts and low in the center. 
  • Sports bra: A sports bra is designed to minimize the movement of breast tissue during physical activities like walking, running, jumping, or aerobics. Sports bras come in different levels of support for different activities. 
  • Strapless: A padded strapless bra supports the breasts, often with underwire and with rubber or silicone lining on the inside of the band to prevent slipping. 
  • Demi: A Demi bra usually has lightly lined cups that are cut diagonally and lower than a full coverage bra. 

What are the benefits of a padded bra?

The benefits are many, including: 

  • A padded bra can help to compensate for breasts that are different sizes or that are slightly uneven. Bras with removable padding are perfect for this purpose. 
  • Padded bras are great for creating a smooth and seamless appearance under clothing. 
  • Padded bras help to lift and support heavy breasts.
  • Padded bras create a firmer, more rounded look which is great for women who have looser breast tissue or who have pendulous or bell-shaped breasts. 

When should you wear a padded bra?

One of the great things about a padded bra is that it goes with just about anything! Padded bras are perfect for:

  • Wearing under tight or form-fitting clothing
  • Under t-shirts
  • Creating great cleavage under v-neck or low-cut tops
  • Preventing nipple show-through

Benefits of a padded wireless bra:

  • Comfort: Wireless bras are known for being the most comfortable undergarment. While underwire bras are great for providing lift and support, wires have been known to pop out and poke on occasion. With a wireless bra, you never have to worry about being poked in the chest again!
  • Style: Wireless bras come in many different styles, so you’re sure to find something that you love. Whether you’re searching for an everyday bra or something special for date night, you can find a wireless option that’s perfect for you. 
  • Best for larger breasts: That’s right, contrary to popular belief, an underwire may not be the best fit for busts larger than an F cup. 

What to look for in a padded, wireless bra.

Not every bra is created equal. You’ll want to look for certain things to make sure that your bra gives you the lift, comfort, and shape that you desire. 

  • Quality: You want to make sure that your bra is made from quality fabric that will last. It should stretch only where it’s supposed to. 
  • Padding: If you don’t want to add any size look for a bra that is lightly lined.
  • Fit: Your bra should fit like it was custom made for you. If you need a refresher on finding your size, check out our Bra Fit Guide.

A wireless padded bra should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, no matter what size she wears. It will help to give lift, support, and create a smooth look under anything that you wear.