Bra Clips, To Use or Not to Use, That is the Question.

If you’re looking for a way to hide your bra straps under sleeveless or racerback tops try a bra clip. They come in several varieties and easily turn any bra into a racerback bra. 

What is a bra clip?

A bra clip is a device that will bring your bra straps closer together in the back, converting it to a racerback bra. Many women use them to hide their straps under sleeveless shirts or to prevent straps from falling down. 

They come in different styles and different colors to match your bra. You can buy them from most lingerie stores, department stores, or online. They’re relatively inexpensive and are a great addition to your wardrobe accessories. 

Why do I need a bra clip?

Bra clips can come in handy for several different reasons:

  • If you have narrow or sloping shoulders and your straps are constantly falling off. Even if your bra fits you perfectly, you may find that the straps fall down from time to time. A bra clip brings the straps closer together and holds them in place, eliminating slipping.
  • You’re using a bra band extender. An extender places your straps wider apart making them more prone to slip off. A bra clip helps to solve the problem.
  • You’re wearing a sleeveless or racerback top and want to keep your straps out of sight. 
  • You want a little extra oomph. Pulling the straps closer together in the back can create a bit of extra lift and give your cleavage a boost. 

Are bra clips universal for any bra?

Almost. You wouldn’t need to use a bra clip on a racerback bra, but it will work on any other type of bra with straps. 

What material are bra clips made of?

Depending on the type bra clips are usually made of plastic, nylon, or elastic. 

The elastic ones look like bra straps and are adjustable. This allows you to control the placement of the straps more than the hard plastic types.

Do bra clips cause irritation? 

They can, depending on where they are placed or what type is being used. If you find that you’re experiencing discomfort with the small plastic types, you can try the elastic bra strap clips. 

How do I put on a bra clip?

If you’re putting the bra clip-on by yourself the easiest way is to put it on the straps before you put the bra on. Then put the bra on over your head and fasten the back. Adjust the straps as needed. 

Another method is to put your bra on by securing the band in the front and attach the clip to the straps. Spin the bra around and put your arms through the straps. 

It may take some practice and adjusting to get the clip in just the right spot, but it’s easy to get the hang of. 

Points to consider before buying a bra clip:

  • First, consider if you’re going to have someone help you put it on or if you’ll be doing it yourself. Some types are easier to put on solo than others. 
  • There are different shapes and styles of racerback clips. Avoid flimsy plastic clips as they can break when you wear them. The smaller clips may be harder to put on if you’re doing it by yourself. Read the reviews if you’re purchasing online and see what others have to say about the quality and ease of use. 
  • If you want the ability to adjust where your straps are, you should purchase an elastic bra strap holder. If you want your straps as close together as possible, a small plastic holder will suit you best. 

Bra strap clips and holders are something that every woman should have. They give you the option to wear your favorite bras with almost any style.