I Am Tired of the Pinching. How Can I Get a Proper Fitting Underwire Bra?

Think about some methods you’ve tried over the years in the name of maintaining your looks and figure. How many were uncomfortable, if not downright painful? And if you wear underwire bras, you likely know the pain and annoyance of getting poked in the side, chest, or underarm by the wire. But you tolerate it because let’s face it—underwire bras create a great shape

 I Am Tired of the Pinching. How Can I Get a Proper Fitting Underwire Bra?You wouldn’t be the only woman who thinks so—approximately 70 percent of the bras sold in the United States and the UK are underwire styles. But you also wouldn’t be the only woman who’s tired of the poking and pinching. 

The good news is your bra isn’t a torture device and shouldn’t be thought of as one. There are ways to be comfortable in an underwire bra. Read on for tips for finding one that fits you properly.

Why does my underwire bra hurt me?

Wearing the wrong size bra is the single biggest reason underwires dig in and make you miserable.  Bras are meant to provide support, but comfort is just as important. 

You want to feel good in something you wear for at least eight hours a day. Switch out any bra that leaves red marks on your sides or painful strap marks on your shoulders, because this means it doesn’t fit as it should.

If the underwire is poking through the fabric, take it as another sign to start shopping for some new lingerie. Besides being annoying and painful, an underwire that’s popped out could cause damage to your washing machine or dryer.

Where should the underwire of the bra sit?

The purpose of the underwire is to give the bra’s cups some extra shape and your breasts some additional support. The underwire should completely line the cup of your bra and cover the whole under part of your breast. 

It should never sit on the top or in the middle of your breast. If your breasts are spilling over or sneaking out under the cup, reposition them so they are in the cup fully.  Here’s a quick placement test—pick up your arms, and if the bra stays in place, the underwire is positioned correctly. 

Where should the underwire of the bra sit?

How do you adjust the underwire under my arm?

When it comes to underwires, it’s a delicate balance. The wire itself should cover the bottom of each bra cup. It goes around the bottom of your breast entirely but does not extend into your underarm. 

Once again, proper fit plays a crucial role in whether the underwire pokes you under the arm or not. Maybe you’re wearing the wrong bra for your body, and this is why the underwire is irritating. Petite women and women with shorter torsos often have issues with bothersome underwires. The underwires are too long, so they jab right in the armpit. Try a different bra style, like a demi or plunge, and see if it makes a difference. Or do some research to find out if your favorite style is available with shorter underwires.

How can I make the underwire more comfortable?

You want to select a bra that feels good right away. But even when you’ve found a perfect fit, it’s common for lingerie to be stiff or coarse until you wear it a few times. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to get rid of a new bra’s roughness relatively quickly:

  • Wash it first.  One of the best and easiest ways to soften the fabric is to wash your bra before you wear it. We suggest hand washing the bra in lukewarm water with detergent specifically for delicates. Always air dry your lingerie—tossing it in the dryer can dry out the elastic and cause the garments to lose their shape. If you don’t have the time to hand wash your lingerie (but we strongly suggest you take the extra time because it’s so worth it), zip it inside a mesh laundry bag and put it in the washing machine on the “delicate” cycle.  
  • Adjust it. Sure, it fits, but you’ll likely have to adjust the straps to get them to a comfortable length. Always pay attention to the straps. They should feel secure but not dig into your shoulders.
  • Extend it. Just like the bra’s straps, the band should feel secure but not painfully tight. A bra extender is a simple way to add a few extra inches to your band. Just hook the extender onto the last closure of the bra, fasten it in a comfortable spot, and your girls will have some added breathing room. This may help to ease any discomfort from the underwire. 
  • Secure it. For some extra protection, grab a needle and thread and stitch up your bra to secure the underwire on both sides of the cups. If the underwire is starting to pop out and the end is rubbing against your skin, attach a piece of moleskin to the spot where it’s starting to poke through. Moleskin is soft, so it won’t irritate your skin, and it could keep the underwire from popping out—at least for a little while.

    How can I make the underwire more comfortable?

    An underwire bra helps you get a great look and provides much-needed support. But if it doesn’t fit properly, it can cause a host of problems. 

    Finding the right fit takes a little more than picking the first bra off a rack or a website and hoping for the best. It takes some understanding of how a bra should fit, the proper placement of the underwire, and what style works best for your body. 

    Lingerie is an integral part of your wardrobe, so take the time to find the best pieces for you!

    What’s your biggest issue with underwire bras?