My Boobs Are Flopping Around. How Can I Get More Support?

Life has a way of getting to the girls. Whether it’s size, shape, activity, or simply time, it can be hard to make them stay put. 

Unfortunately, all those factors can lead to a sagging problem, which no woman wants to deal with. Not to worry! You can fight off sagging and keep the girls comfortably cradled on your chest with the right support. Here’s how to do it.

My Boobs Are Flopping Around. How Can I Get More Support?

Dealing with Sagging

Sometimes sagging just happens. There are plenty of factors that cause it, from the shape or size of your breasts to the bra you’re wearing. Gravity, of course, takes its toll too. However, sagging isn’t the only problem we run into. Just keeping your breasts front and center can be a challenge. 

No one wants their chest shifting around or bounding out of their shirt when running, bending over, or simply walking. To fight the droop of time and to keep your girls secure, here are some reasons you may be having extra movement or sag issues, and how you can fix it.

1. You have a bad bra.

This is a plain and simple answer. Bras can be pricey, but if you just pick up any old bra, you may be doing your breasts a disservice. Bras don’t have to break the bank, but if you buy one made with poor, stretchy material or in the wrong size, it’s not going to work. 

Sure, they may be a bargain upfront, but your back, shoulders, and boobs might pay the price later. On that same note, some pricey bras can also be a bad buy if they don’t fit you properly. 

Shelf bras, training bras, or even ill-fitting sports bras don’t have the kind of support you’ll need. Additionally, if you buy a bra and the material starts to stretch, pill, or wear after only a few times, then your girls will suffer, no matter the design. 

Look out for flimsy straps, thin bands, poor structure. When you try on a bra, it should feel secure, comfortable, and it should keep your breasts in place.

2. You don’t have the right bra.

If you are wearing a one-size-fits-all type of bra, like a small/medium/large fit, or you are pulling on a bra with no clips, that might be the culprit. Certain bra types don’t have the support needed to keep the girls in place.

For instance, some sports bras may hold you down as you move side to side, but not up and down. Additionally, some strapless styles lack the support needed to hold the girls up and in place. 

Pick a bra that can give you a little extra lift and support like a push-up, full cup, or one with extra strap support. Depending on your bra size and breast shape, select a bra that suits your body type. Of course, there are exceptions to these rules, but that brings us to the next point.

Your bra may be on its way out.

3. Your bra isn’t fitting right.

Having a proper fit is everything when it comes to controlling the girls. Cup size and band size matter when it comes to keeping your breasts in place. The right size will offer you great support as well. The cups of your bra should comfortably hold each breast to stop the wobble from any movement you make, and the band should fit snugly enough to hold your chest up. 

With the right fit, you can not only avoid sag but get a little extra lift, especially when the straps are secure. As a little bonus, if you are suffering from any aches and pains because of the size and weight of your chest, finding the right fit can help ease the burden.

Additionally, having the right fit can also help if you are looking for a sports bra or a strapless bra. Find your true size and try out a few options. This way you can combat sag and sway and have several options to choose from in your wardrobe.

4. Straps aren’t sized properly.

While we’re on the subject of straps, they can make or break a good bra. While cup size and band are important, straps can give you that extra support, especially for those with bigger breasts. Flimsy little spaghetti straps won’t hold up a D cup very well.

Make sure you select a bra that will provide added support. Of course, you don’t want them to dig into your shoulders, but they should sit comfortably. You don’t have to get thick straps all the time.  They stick out and won’t work under some thin strap tops. 

There are plenty of options that can offer great support while sporting your favorite outfits. It’s a matter of knowing your fit and trying things on. 

5. Your bra may be on its way out.

Okay, bras can be expensive. But that doesn’t mean you should cling to the one you’ve had forever.

Time can take a toll on our bras, especially after holding the girls, getting thrown around in the wash, and being pushed and pulled in all directions. 

On top of normal wear and tear, our bodies change. As women get older, daily activities and life events can change our bodies: losing or gaining weight, having children, exercising, or simply gravity. 

Your bra, however, might not change with your body. Be sure to get a fitting whenever you are in the market for a new bra. You might be surprised by how much your body has changed. 

Your bra may be on its way out.

No More Sag and Sway

When it comes to fighting the flop, the best way to battle is with the right equipment. With a proper fitting and the right bra, you can have the lift and hold that you need to keep your breasts comfortable. Just remember; there are plenty of options available. Do your homework, get your fitting, and give your girls a little extra comfort.