I Like My Bra to Feel Secure. Should I Tighten My Straps?

Comfort and security are everything when it comes to wearing a bra. Most of the time, when you buy a brand new bra, the fabric is stiff, coarse, and not “worn in” yet. You have to wear it a few times before it feels comfortable next to your skin. 

But sometimes you wear a bra for some time, and it’s still not quite right. For instance, you’ve noticed the straps on your new bra keep falling. 

You’ve tightened them, but they keep doing it, and now it’s starting to get annoying. What can you do? You can continue to adjust the strap, but when that’s not enough, it could mean that you’re not wearing the right bra size.

Straps that won’t stay in place are a clue the bra may not correctly fit. Try going down a band size or up a cup size. You don’t want to spend time pulling, tugging, and tightening your undergarments all day, and you shouldn’t have to if you’re wearing the right fit bra.

I Like My Bra to Feel Secure. Should I Tighten My Straps?

How can I tighten up my plus-sized bra?

The slide adjusters on the straps are the quickest and easiest way to tighten your bra. But keep in mind—your bra should be snug, but not tight. 

How do you know if it’s tight enough? If you can easily slide a finger under your bra band, it’s snug. If you can slide more than one finger under the band, it’s too loose. If you can’t slide even one finger under the band, or you have painful red marks where the band or straps are digging in, it’s too tight. 

Why are my bra straps so loose?

When your straps are too loose, a few different factors could be the cause. Two of the biggest are:

  • Sloping shoulders. Women with sloping shoulders tend to have difficulty wearing traditional bras. The straps on many of these styles are too far apart and tend to slip off narrower shoulders. (A racerback style works well for this body type).
  • An old bra. No matter how well you take care of a favorite bra, it does start to wear out. The elastic in the bra band or straps is usually the first thing to show its age. It will begin to dry out or not be as tight as it used to be, causing the straps to become loose.  If it seems as though you always need to adjust your bra straps or it is showing other visible signs of wear, it could be time to upgrade to a new one.

    Why are my bra straps so loose?

    How do I prevent bra strap slippage?

    There are a few easy fixes for straps that continue to slip. A few of the quickest solutions are:

  • Bra clips.  We love this simple idea. A basic metal or plastic clip will not only keep the straps in place while you’re wearing the bra, but you can use the clip to create different strap looks (such as racerback or other cross-strap styles) on the bras you already have. This is a considerable time and money saver, as you won’t have to buy a bra with a different strap style for one special occasion and never wear again.
  • Safety pins. There’s a reason certain “fix it” solutions are timeless—you can always count on them to work. Simply attach your bra strap to your shirt with a safety pin to keep the strap from falling (or, you can use a pin instead of a clip to create that racerback bra looks, which will also keep them in place). 
  • Bra strap cushion. Whether your bra straps won’t stay in place or they dig into your shoulders, either way, there’s a problem with how the straps fit. A bra strap cushion can give you some extra relief. Most are made from silicone and removable so that you can switch them out into different bras. Just put the cushion on your shoulder, insert the bra strap through the center of the cushion, and you are ready to go.
  • Wear wider straps. Thin straps are a great look with certain tops, but may not be practical for an everyday bra, as they are more inclined to slip. Try a wider strap, as it can better support your breasts’ weight. This may reduce the falling strap problem.
  • How do I fix my bra padding?

    The padding is essential for a few reasons:

    • It smooths everything out and provides a fabulous silhouette.
    • It is common for women to have two different sized breasts. Cups with the right amount of padding can help even them out. 

    How do I fix my bra padding?

    Sometimes a bra’s padding can become creased during the packaging or shipping process. A standard clothing steamer set on “low” should take out the folds. If the padding is deeply creased, you may need to fix it yourself. Here’s how to do it:

    • Cut a small hole in the bra’s cup.
    • Carefully remove the padding.
    • Smooth out any creases or lumps.
    • Carefully re-insert the padding into the cup.
    • Stand in front of a mirror wearing the bra and readjust the cups and/or padding as needed.

    Your bra should feel good the entire time you wear it and only need a few minor adjustments throughout its lifetime. But you get tired of all the adjusting. That’s when you’ll know you’ve tightened the straps for the last time, and you need a new bra.