Struggling With Falling Bra Straps? Check Out These Tips

If your bra isn’t fitting correctly and your straps keep falling down, you can quickly have an annoying day or evening - whether in and out of meetings, having lunch with a friend, or enjoying a romantic evening. 

Your focus should be on the conversations - not losing the battle with a bra strap. 

Struggling With Falling Bra Straps? Check Out These Tips

Understanding Why Bra Straps Fall 

First, let us explain three reasons why bra straps fall down. 

1. Your Bra Doesn’t Fit Properly. 

One of the biggest mistakes women make is not wearing the right size bra.  When was the last time you took a measurement of your breasts? Maybe you’re pregnant or lost some weight. Do yourself a favor and measure yourself to make sure you’re wearing the right size. 

Do you have room in your bra cup? If your breast isn’t filling out the cup then your bra is too big, which allows the straps to slip down. Also, as you age, the breast volume decreases at the top of your breast, which causes the gap in your cup. 

If the band is too big or you’re wearing an extender, the straps are probably falling. Your band is the anchor of your bra. Using an extender will make your band bigger, but in turn, makes your straps farther apart. 

If the band sits too high, its straps are too wide set. If your band is riding up your back, it is to loose. Consider going down a band size but then make sure your cup fits. Having the proper fitting bra will feel like you aren’t even wearing one. 

2. Not the Correct Style 

Different styles and body types are part of the uniqueness and beauty of women. That is why the world of Ouigirl has grown to fit your needs. 

A pint-sized or petite woman has a smaller distance between their shoulders and breasts. They need a bra that has adjustable straps. A racerback bra is the ideal starting point. 

Narrow or sloped shoulders require a strap that is closer together. A multi-way bra is their starting point allowing a wider strap for better support. 

3. Your Bra is Too Old 

This is the third reason why your bra bands fall. As you wear a bra, the elastic stretches over time from supporting your breasts. If you're wearing it all the time, you’re doing a disservice to your favorite bra. 

  • Give it a break in-between wears. 
  • Allowing the elastic to mold back to its original form. 
  • Hand wash it in cold water and don’t stick it in the dryer.  
  • Lay it flat on a drying rack. 
  • Be cautious not to hang your bras to dry. You run the risk of the straps stretching out. 

If you’re on the tightest eye hook of your band and your straps constantly fall even after being adjusted, it’s time to retire your trusted friend. 

How do you wear bra strap retainers?

How do you wear bra strap retainers? 

A bra restrainer can be worn with a sleeveless shirt or any other top you don’t want your straps showing. Just like anything else in fashionable garments, there are different styles. Some are made of ribbon and some even made out of tape. 

Although the material may be different, the purpose is the same. The ribbon retainer will go around the bra strap and fasten closed. It creates a loom with a strap in the middle. You attach the ribbon to the shoulder of the garment with a safety pin. 

The retainer made of transparent tape looks like a bra strap that fastens with support hooks at both ends. This allows the straps to be in the middle of the back, out of sight with no slipping. 

How do you use bra clips? 

A bra clip is a helpful tool if you have narrow or sloping shoulders. It will turn your wide-set straps into more of a racerback and bring them closer to your neck. A clip is also great to use under a sleeveless top if you don’t want your straps to peek out. 

Bra clips are affordable and offered in a variety of shapes and colors to satisfy any budget. 

They are also simple to use. Start by loosening your bra strap a bit, then add the clip. This is going to make the bra fit more snugly. Slide the clip onto one strap then adhere it to the other strap. 

It may take a few tries to apply the clip correctly, but you’ll get it with some practice. 

How do you use bra clips?

Concluding Thoughts 

No one should have to deal with bra straps that won’t stay put. Finding the right size and style of a bra that fits your body type will eliminate any frustrating fit issues.

Adjust your strap every time you wear your bra. Don’t be concerned with both straps being equal. One breast is usually bigger than the other, so accommodate both girls by giving them the individual support they each need. 

There is no substitute for a bra that fits well. If you need help figuring out your measurements, try our favorite Bra Fit Guide by Glamorise