Is It True That Wireless Bras Are Best For Bigger Busts?

What woman hasn’t worn an underwire bra? Most women would gladly ditch them, but continue to wear them. Wireless bras just don’t offer as much support for larger breasts, right?

Fortunately, wire-free bras have come a long way. With a more extensive selection of sizes and styles than ever before, you’re sure to find one that you’ll love, regardless of your cup size.

Is It True That Wireless Bras Are Best For Bigger Busts?

Comfort is the biggest reason to toss out the underwire and reconsider a wireless bra. Admit it—you know how irritating underwires can be, with the poking and plain discomfort of having a metal wire against your skin.

But that’s not the only drawback to underwires:

  • They can be very hot and chafe in warmer weather.
  • You cannot wear underwires after breast augmentation.
  • They can bend or break (and wreak havoc with your washing machine or dryer if they come loose during a cycle)

Is a wireless bra better for large breasts?

The answer is, surprisingly, “Yes”! Many women with large busts worry that a wireless bra won’t give them the support they need, but a high-quality wireless bra can put those worries to rest. 

Advancements in technology have resulted in bras that can provide incredible lift and support without the nuisance of cups with underwires. And as far as materials, choose from fabric that stretches to move with you or non-stretch fabric to keep the girls in place. When it comes to wireless bras, there are more options than ever!

What are the main benefits of a wireless bra vs. an underwire bra?

  • They are less constrictive and don’t hinder lymph drainage. According to some studies, bras that are too tight can reduce the flow of fluid in the lymph nodes around the breastbone and under the arms. Proper lymphatic flow is critical for removing toxins from the body. 
  • They can help prevent sagging. Recent studies have shown that underwire bras restrict too much of the breasts’ natural movement and can weaken the supporting breast tissue.
  • They can be a lifesaver while pregnant! No one wants underwire digging into their rib cage. This is what happens to moms-to-be who are in the late stages of pregnancy or carrying high. A wire-free nursing bra is also great for moms after they give birth. They are more comfortable and “forgiving” (so, less likely to lose their shape) as your breasts’ size changes during pregnancy and after delivery.
  • Style. For some reason, wireless bras are considered “granny,” old-fashioned, frumpy, and many other unflattering descriptions. Wireless bras can be just as stylish and sexy as an underwire bra, complete with accents like stretch lace, and are available in sizes ranging from an A cup to DD.  Below are a few of our favorites.
  • Great for everyday wear. Sure, there’s an appropriate time and place for a sexy underwire bra, but what about when you’re just hanging out at home and want to be comfortable? Or if you’re doing a high impact activity like working out, you want the snug fit of a sports bra, which will minimize movement and jiggle over that of a pesky underwire.

What about support and lift?

What about support and lift?

Thanks to advances in technology, wireless bras provide just as much support as those with an underwire but have a more comfortable fit. Many of our wire-free bras now come with cotton liners in each cup, rather than the underwire, for needed support.

What is the best support bra without an underwire?

The Made-to-Move Wire-Free Support Bra gives you all the support of an underwire without the discomfort. It also features contoured cups for shape and coverage, and wide, cushioned straps.

Another great choice is the All-Around Support Cushioned Bra. It has an adjustable front hook-and-eye closure—perfect for women with mobility issues or anyone who struggles with a back-close bra. It also creates a smooth back with no bulges thanks to the back-relieving panels, perfect for women with bigger busts, especially if they need extra posture support.

Another great option is the Everyday Seamless Support T-shirt Bra. As the name says, it looks and feels great no matter what kind of top you wear. 

What is the most comfortable wireless bra?

The Curvy Comfort Wire-Free Cushioned Bra provides structured 3-piece panel cups to contour a natural shape. It also has inner cotton liners to give the support of an underwire without having one. It also has a reinforced inner-bust band to give lift without being uncomfortable. It looks as great as it feels, with lace details and full coverage.

Another excellent comfort bra is the Everyday Magic Cotton Support Bra. Made of super-soft cotton, as the name says, it’s great for everyday wear and has wide cushioned straps that won’t slip. It also has an adjustable back hook-and-eye closure to ensure a perfect fit.

What is the most comfortable wireless bra?

Are padded bras suitable for big busts?

A padded bra can be a significant investment and addition to your lingerie drawer. They can provide some additional lift, and help with uneven breasts. Padded bras often come with pockets in the cups so you can insert as much padding as you’d like to create the look you’re going for. Once again, proper fit is key to buying a padded bra.

We’ve mentioned some of the benefits of going wireless, but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to the underwire forever. Give it a try and see if you notice a difference in comfort. Even wearing a wireless bra a few days a week can positively affect your breast health. 

There are plenty of options out there.  If you have a larger bust and are a tough fit, you may need to do some research to find a bra size and style that’s right for you, but it’s possible to find one you’ll love!

Have you tried wearing a wireless bra with your large bust? What did you think?