Let’s Solve Your Bra Problem: What Type Should You Be Wearing?

Have you ever been shopping for a bra and felt overwhelmed by all of the choices that are out there? What’s the difference between a t-shirt bra and a racerback? We’ll explore the different styles so that you can try different options and see what’s best for you.

How many types of bras are there

How many types of bras are there?

Bras have certainly evolved a bit since women in Ancient Greece wrapped strips of cloth around their breasts like a bandeau. Now we have so many different styles to choose from. How many styles are there?

At least 20, but we’ll only cover a portion of the most popular styles.

  1. The t-shirt bra has seamless, lightly lined molded cups that create a smooth look under all types of clothing. 
  2. The bralette is unlined and wire-free. It’s more about comfort and style and doesn’t offer much support. Some bralettes have decorative straps that are meant to be seen. 
  3. The strapless bra like the name implies does not have straps. They can have molded underwire cups, or they may be wireless and unlined. For larger breasts, an underwire style is recommended. Some have silicone on the inside of the band to prevent slipping down the rib cage.
  4. The minimizer bra has cups that compress the breast tissue to minimize movement. It’s perfect for eliminating gaps between buttons on button-down shirts and blouses. 
  5. The racerback bra has a front closure and straps that form a T or Y shape in the back. They’re great for extra lift and support and a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. The straps won’t slip off and are easily hidden under sleeveless shirts or racerback tanks.
  6. The wireless bra doesn’t have an underwire. They come in many different styles and types and are great for everyday wear. 
  7. The sports bra is made to minimize movement of the breasts during physical activity. They may have encapsulated cups and an underwire or be wire-free. They also have different impact levels that give more or less compression and support for different activities.
  8. The push-up bra has cups that are designed to push your breast tissue up and in towards the center. They’re great for creating cleavage and wearing under low cut tops. 
  9. The unlined bra has cups that do not have any padding. They’re comfortable and don’t add any extra bulk. They come in both wired and wireless styles. 
  10. The bandeau bra is a strapless cloth that does not have molded cups or underwire. They offer very little lift or support, so they may not be suitable for large or heavy breasts. 
  11. The full coverage bra has cups that fully encapsulate the breast tissue. They can be wired or wireless, lined or unlined, and are great for everyday wear.
  12. The underwire bra is a wire at the bottom of the cups for support. The wire is often made of metal but can be made of plastic. 

Which type has the best support? 

A sports bra will give you the most support, but may not be something that you want to wear every day. An underwire full coverage bra or a racerback bra are both great options for those who want extra support. 

Look for a bra with wide cushioned straps for comfort and a sturdy band. Since your band is what gives most of the support it’s crucial that you’re wearing the right size. 

It shouldn’t be so loose that it rides up but shouldn’t be so tight that it leaves painful marks. If you’re not 100% sure that you’re wearing the right size you should re-measure yourself.

Which type is best for exercising?

Which type is best for exercising?

A sports bra should be worn for all types of physical activity. They minimize bounce and help to keep you cool and comfortable while exercising. Activities such as yoga or walking only need a low impact bra, but there’s no harm in wearing something that’s high impact. It’s better to have more support than to have too little. 

Not having enough support is not only uncomfortable but can cause damage to ligaments and breast tissue. If you’re not sure what you need or if you want something that will give you options, the TOTAL CONTROL CUSTOM SUPPORT SPORTS BRA from Glamorise allows you to adjust the amount of bounce control. It’s wire-free and has seamless cups that hold you in place. 

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A few of our favorites styles for larger breasts:

The EVERYDAY SEAMLESS SUPPORT T-SHIRT BRA has smooth seamless cups and is great for all-day comfort. It’s wire-free but offers the support of an underwire thanks to the MagicLift design. It also has wide cushioned straps that won’t leave you with painful red marks. 


For straps that won’t slip, the T-BACK FRONT-CLOSE UNDERWIRE BRA is a great racerback choice. It has cushioned underwire that won’t dig in, and a low front closure for any neckline. It’s comfortable enough for everyday wear and pretty enough for special occasions. 


For those who want to minimize bounce without having to wear a sports bra, or to reduce how far out the breasts appear a minimizer is a great choice. The SILHOUETTE MINIMIZER SUPPORT BRA supports without an underwire. 


With so many different styles of bra on the market, there’s no need to get stuck in a rut with one kind. Play around with different types! You may just find the bra of your dreams.