Unlock the Secrets of a Racerback Bra: Different isn’t Bad

If you enjoy wearing sleeveless tops, or if your straps are repeatedly falling off of your shoulders, a racerback bra may be the solution. 

Racerback bras are comfortable, stylish, and offer more support than some other types of bras. They often close in the front or can be pulled over the head like a shirt. A front closure is great for women with mobility issues or who have difficulty with a back close bra.

Why is it called a racerback?

Why is it called a racerback?

A racerback refers to the style of the back of the bra. In this type of bra, there’s a wide strap that comes up in the center of the back and splits to form a T or a Y shape in between the shoulder blades. 

This places the straps closer to the neck than in other bra styles. Since the straps are farther away from the shoulders they won’t slip off and they won’t be seen under tank tops or other styles of sleeveless shirts. 

What does a racerback bra do?

A racerback bra keeps straps hidden under clothing like sleeveless or tank tops. It’s also a great style for women with narrow or sloping shoulders as it keeps the straps from falling down. They are also perfect for extra back support and offer a little more lift than other styles. 

Do racerback bras give more support?

Yes, this is why many sports bras are a racerback style. Since the straps are angled towards the center of your back the strain is taken off of your shoulders and the bust is lifted.

Breast bounce is minimized more than in other styles of casual bras because of the design. Even wireless racerbacks are great for supporting and lifting busts of all sizes. 

Are racerback bras good for a heavy bust?

Yes! A racerback is great for a heavy bust that needs extra support. 

Since the straps meet in the middle in the back of the bra they give another angle of support. Their style helps to disperse the weight of your breasts more evenly across the back, making the bra more comfortable, especially for those with heavy breasts. 

Breasts can weigh up to several pounds, and if yours are on the heavier end of the spectrum a supportive bra is crucial. Not having enough support can cause pain in your back and shoulders. It can also cause stretching of the ligaments that hold the breast tissue up leading to sagginess. 

What do I need to know before buying a racerback bra?

One key thing to keep in mind when you’re looking to buy a racerback is fit. Since racerback bras have a front closure, you should make sure that the band fits just right. You aren’t able to adjust a front closure like you can with the rows on a back hook-and-eye close bra. 

If your band is too big your straps will dig into your shoulders and the back of your bra will ride up your back. This is because your band does the heavy lifting when it comes to supporting your breasts. Also, look for wide, cushioned straps if you have a large bust. Thin straps will just dig in and can be very uncomfortable.

A couple of our favorite racerback style bras:

The T-BACK FRONT-CLOSE UNDERWIRE BRA WHITE has a beautiful T back to prevent straps from slipping and cushioned underwire for extra support. It also has a secure front snap style closure.


While it’s not a true racerback, The 360 SUPPORT FRONT-CLOSE POSTURE-BACK BRA has wide, cushioned straps that stay in place all day. It features a front hook-and-eye closure that makes it easy to put on and is wire-free for extra comfort. 


A racerback bra is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. They’re comfortable, work with many different styles of clothing, and are great for supporting busts of all sizes, especially heavier busts. 

If you suffer from back pain due to heavy breasts or poor posture you should absolutely look into a racerback bra for everyday use.