Why Not Wear the Most Comfortable Bra For You?

Is there really any good reason to suffer from an uncomfortable bra? No! A good bra should give you the support and style that you want and be comfortable too. 

Bras have come a long way since their invention, and with technology now bras can be made with soft, breathable fabric and still give the lift and support that we women desire. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most comfortable bra styles.

Why Not Wear the Most Comfortable Bra For You?

What is the most comfortable bra style?

This, of course, is a matter of preference, but if comfort is on the top of your dream bra list there are some things that you should look for.:

  • Breathable fabric: Look for a bra that has breathable or moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry. Cool = comfortable, especially in warm climates or in warmer months.
  • Wide, padded straps: For those who are blessed with a bit more up top, it’s important to ensure that your straps aren’t digging into your shoulders. Wide straps help to distribute the weight of your breasts over a larger area than thin straps. Speaking of straps, make sure that they stay in place. If you have narrow or sloping shoulders, try a racerback or t-back bra which places the straps closer to your neck so that they won’t slip down.
  • Cushioned underwire: Of course you can go wire-free, but if you prefer the support that an underwire gives make sure that it’s cushioned for added comfort. 
  • Quality: You want a bra that is made of high-quality materials that won’t break down on you. If you’ve ever been stabbed by a broken underwire you know that quality matters. Find a bra by a reputable company that knows what they’re doing.
  • Fit: This is probably the most important factor in making sure that your bra is comfortable. It can be the best bra in the world but if the fit isn’t good it’s not going to feel good wearing it. How do you know if your bra fits you well? 
    • Your cups encapsulate all of your breast tissue without any gaps and without them spilling over. If your cups are gaping or there are wrinkles it’s a sign that they’re too big. If there’s spillage it’s a sign that they’re too small.
    • Your band is snug but not uncomfortably tight and it stays in place. If it’s leaving you with painful red marks it’s too small. If it rides up throughout the day or when you lift your arms it’s too big. If it’s too big your straps are trying to hold more weight than they’re supposed to and they’ll start digging in. The band is the star when it comes to supporting, so make sure that it fits well. 
    • If you’re having fit problems it’s a good idea to re-measure yourself to make sure that you’re wearing the correct size. If you need a refresher course on how you should measure yourself check out Glamorise’s Bra Fit Guide.

What material makes a bra the most comfortable? 

A bra made with a blend of nylon and Elastane provides a second-skin-like fit that hugs the body and is more resilient to wear and tear. 

What material makes a bra the most comfortable?

Which type of bra is best for daily use?

This depends on your daily needs. Do you need something that lifts and shapes? Maybe you need something that will stay comfortable while sitting at a desk all day. Or maybe you need a bra that will keep up with you while chasing the kids around. 

Your individual needs will determine what type of bra is best for you and will, therefore, be the most comfortable. If you’re highly active and on the go throughout the day, a light or medium support sports bra will likely serve you better than a push-up bra. 

A minimizer may be just what you need if you’re constantly worrying about gaps in your button-down shirt. If you’re working from home, a lounge bra may meet your needs. 

For women on the go looking for extra bounce control, try the VERSATILE MEDIUM SUPPORT SPORTS BRA. It has seamless cups, an adjustable hook-and-eye back closure, and it’s wire-free.

For women who wear button-down shirts or want to reduce the look of their bust, try the SILHOUETTE MINIMIZER SUPPORT BRA. It’s wire-free and the minimizing cups take you down a full bust size. This helps to eliminate gaps in button-down shirts. 

If you want wire-free support the FEEL THE MAGIC WIRE-FREE SUPPORT BRA is a great choice. It’s MagicLift® design shapes, supports, and lifts without a wire, and the wide, cushioned straps adjust to fit you. 

For those who want a racerback or t-back bra to help keep their straps in place, try THE T-BACK FRONT-CLOSE UNDERWIRE BRA. It has cushioned underwire and straps that won’t slip. 

Which type of bra is best for daily use?

Last but not least, an important element in a comfortable bra is how you take care of it. Improper care will cause it to wear out faster, leading to stretched out fabric. This means your bra won’t fit you like a glove as it should. Whenever possible, hand wash your bra in cool water with mild detergent. If you do machine wash it, place it in a lingerie bag and wash on a delicate cycle. Do not machine dry, as this will cause the elastic fibers to break down. Lay it flat or hang it to dry.